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Mexico City is full of nice tourist spots, which you will only learn more about by actually visiting them, says GlobeQuest Travel Club. There are exciting and fantastic places like mysterious archaeological sites, beautiful beaches, modern day monuments and natural ecological parks to see.

  • The Beaches:

Mexico’s beaches are a remarkable sight. Most of the beaches are lined with natural coral reefs, which absorb the sun’s heat when it is too much, reminds GlobeQuest Travel Club. When the ground is not as warm, the coral reefs will respond by releasing the heat they have been absorbing all day. The breezes and rising ways are just amazing. Some of the most commonly visited beaches include; Puerto Vallarta, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, Cancun, Cozumel and not forgetting Mazatian beach.

  • Xplor Adventure Park:

If you are ready to do any adventure in your life just visit this park, which is located in Cancun. The Xplor Adventure Park is a high-energy adventure park, full of everything that makes any type of adventure a memorable one, states GlobeQuest Travel Club. These adventures may include swimming through underground cenote caves, travelling on zip lines, and roaming in an amphibious vehicle through the jungle.

  • Chichen Itza:

Chichen Itza is a pyramid, forget the Egyptian one; this one is quite unique and you will only understand that when you stand at the bottom of it and look up. No spoilers here, you must do this to know how it feels like.

  • The Coco Bongo Club:

The Coco Bongo is a well-known hotspot for the younger and jumpy generation. They will meet here during Spring Break vacations and exchange Twitter handles and Facebook usernames, says GlobeQuest Travel Club.

GlobeQuest Travel Club is one of the premier spots in North America for travel and hospitality. Offering exclusive vacations for its members, GlobeQuest also provides discounts that make it the perfect choice for travelers looking to save money as they experience the world.

If all of this sounds exciting to you, don’t hesitate. Head over their website to learn more about all of the exciting features you get with a GlobeQuest Travel Club membership. You can also call 1-877-610-6300 to get in touch with a GlobeQuest representative and start to plan your dream vacation with a GlobeQuest Travel Club membership package.

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